El Sobrante native and CEO to write about tech diversity in new Forbes blog


Will Hayes, an El Sobrante native and the CEO of San Francisco-based enterprise search company Lucidworks, is now penning a blog in Forbes that will in part examine diversity in the tech industry.

Check out Hayes’ introductory blog, where he talks about growing up in a working-class town just 15 miles from the tech world, eventually rising up in the industry with top companies such as Genentech and Splunk.

Hayes says adversity has not disrupted his journey but knows others who “left the industry altogether out of frustration.”

“By speaking openly about the ups and downs I’ve faced as a result of who I am, I hope to provide motivation to a younger generation looking to pursue technology careers, as well as insight to those who are already facing similar experiences,” he writes.

A paragraph earlier he summed up his blog’s general focus:

So welcome to my Forbes blog. We’ll discuss diversity in the tech industry, and we’ll talk about what makes tech so great. This industry had me captivated from a very young age — it’s why I truly believe it can be an equalizer with the potential to offer benefits to anyone with ambition and a library card. We’ll also discuss great companies that came from nothing more than a great product, hiring tactics, big data strategies and everything in between.


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