BART proposes adding trains to reduce overcrowding and boost on-time performance next fiscal year

Police patrols to increase on pathways near Richmond and El Cerrito BART stations

BART’s budget for next fiscal year includes funding for 30 more train cars during peak hours and 16 train trips each weekday in order to reduce overcrowding and boost on-time performance, the transit agency said.

The preliminary budget was presented last week to the agency’s Board of Directors, which will hold an official public hearing on the budget on May 28 and is scheduled to vote on it June 11. The budget assumes riders will be paying the planned, inflation-based fare increase of 3.4-percent starting January.

Under the plan, six train trips will be added to the Richmond to Daly City/Millbrae line, and the minimum length of trains on the route between Richmond and Fremont would be lengthened from three to four cars.

Ten more train trips will be added to BART’s busiest line between Pittsburg/Bay Point and SFO/Millbrae.

BART will also take measures to speed up its maintenance of train cars, extend hours for paramedics to respond more quickly to medical emergencies in and near the Transbay Tube, add seven grounds workers to keep the right of way clear of obstructions such as branches and other vegetation, and add 34 more cleaning staff for stations and trains.

“We know our riders are feeling more cramped than ever before and that keeping trains on-time is one of their top priorities,” said BART Board President Tom Blalock. “Hope is on the horizon with the new Fleet of the Future rail cars that will begin going into service in late 2017, but until then, BART staff is proposing a number of projects to get the most out of our current fleet for our customers. It’s like playing chess – strategically moving the available pieces for the maximum benefit.”

Click here for a detailed look at the budget.


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