Richmond police seize look-alike gun from 12-year-old robbery suspect

Richmond police seize look-alike gun from 12-year-old robbery suspect

A 12-year-old robbery suspect had a BB gun that was painted black to look like a real gun tucked in his waistband when police stopped him for riding his bicycle in an unsafe manner in Richmond Thursday night, police said.

The boy was arrested on 23rd Street near Garvin Avenue about 10:45 p.m. in connection with recent robberies in the Northern District, Richmond police Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said Friday.

Police were increasing patrols in the area due to several robberies involving kids or young adults armed with guns. On Thursday, a rookie Richmond cop and her training officer spotted the 12-year-old and another young man riding their bicycles unsafely, police said on the department’s Facebook page. When they attempted to stop the bicyclists, one fled and officers were unable to find him.

The bicyclist that stopped for cops was the 12-year-old who police learned has twice been arrested on burglary charges, police said. When police patted him down, a firearm was found in his waistband. The firearm turned out to be a Beretta “look-a-like” semi-auto BB pistol that was painted all black, police said.

One of the victims of the recent robberies in the Northern District was brought to the scene to see if the 12-year-old was one of the robbers. She recognized him “immediately” and the boy was arrested, police said.


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