Stanley Roberts’ ‘People Behaving Badly’ films carpool violations in West County

Stanley Roberts' 'People Behaving Badly' films carpool violations in West County

Stanley Roberts’ popular ‘People Behaving Badly’ segment recently returned to West County for a segment on carpool violations along Interstate Highway 80 in West Contra Costa County.

Such violations are so bad along the corridor, Roberts said, 162 tickets were handed out in just two days to drivers who illegally used the carpool lane. The crackdown involved the California Highway Patrol and Pinole, Richmond and El Cerrito police departments.

“Finding violators was easy,” Roberts said, adding the fine for carpool violations is $491.

One violator asked Roberts if he would pay his citation for filming him.

“There’s going to be money involved,” Roberts said, “Just not my money.”

Check it out:

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