West County schools featured in AP article about preparing kids for online state tests

West County schools featured in AP article about preparing kids for online state tests

Kids as young as 5 are learning basic computer skills in U.S. classrooms, skills they will need in order to excel on standardized tests that are now being offered online by a majority of states, including California, according to an Associated Press article that interviewed students and teachers at two West County schools.

From May through mid-June, about 3.2 million California students will take Common Core State Standards tests online, according to EdSource. The Common Core state standards are going digital in 29 states this spring, the AP said.

Ahead of the online tests, some warned not all students were fluent in basic computer functions. An AP reporter went to see what some schools were doing about it, and visited Bayview Elementary in San Pablo and Mira Vista School in Richmond, both members of the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

At Bayview Elementary, the reporter interviewed 7-year-old Ja’Niyah Smith, whose first grade class went into a computer lab to play games that enabled them to practice using mouses.

The reporter also sat in on teacher Debbie Cruger-Hansen’s fourth grade class at Mira Vista, where the class was asked to “quietly open their tablets, log in to their school accounts, launch their web browsers and find a Google document on disappearing honey bees,” the article said.

Cruger-Hansen noted how the kids already knew how to do it.

“Among the functions even the youngest test-takers must be able to execute are switching between screens, opening drop-down menus, and rearranging words and numbers,” the AP reports.

Read the full AP report here.


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