Hipster burglars carry loot from Parchester Village heist in Hello Kitty backpack

Hipster burglars carried loot from Parchester Village heist in Hello Kitty backpack
Photo from Richmond Police Department

One of three burglars who allegedly robbed a home in Parchester Village last week was caught while attempting to flee with a Hello Kitty backpack filled with loot, police said.

The burglary occurred about 2 p.m. Friday in the 400 block of McGlothen Way, police Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said Thursday.

The incident unfolded when a patrolling Richmond police officer spotted three young men jump over a backyard fence of a house and onto a busy street.

hellokitty.4-9-1What most alarmed the officer, however, was that one of the suspects was carrying a red-and-black Hello Kitty backpack.

The backpack was loaded pretty heavily, and all three suspects gave the ‘uh oh’ look of guilt,” police said in a Facebook post.

Once the officer stopped his patrol car, the suspects ran off, but the one wearing the Helly Kitty backpack was apprehended.

A laptop computer and a Sony Playstation game console that were stolen from a nearby home were inside the backpack, which itself was stolen from the same home.

While the other two suspects got away despite the help of a police K-9, a loaded .40 caliber Springfield XD pistol was found along their escape route, police said.

hellokitty.4-9-2The other two suspects, however, are known to police and will be issued arrest warrants, police said.

The burglarized home’s owner confirmed the backpack and the items it contained were all stolen from her residence.

No one was injured during the bust, police said.

“We are proud of the officer’s tenacity and sharp observation skills that led to the capture of a burglar, the recovery of the stolen items and a loaded firearm,” the department said.



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