Drivers slogging through commute traffic from Richmond to SF lose thousands in potential earnings

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Drivers who commute from Richmond to San Francisco no doubt pay a hefty price, but how does the trip compare to the cost to drive from other Bay Area cities?

The San Francisco Chronicle recently crunched some numbers in the hope of finding out. The newspaper used Wallethub’s telework calculator and Google Maps to come up with rough estimates for commute costs to San Francisco City Hall from city centers around the Bay Area, including in Richmond, Vallejo, Novato and Fremont.

Thanks to perpetually clogged-up Interstate 80, drivers making the commute from Richmond to SF spend about 50 minutes in their car to travel about 18 miles. That distance costs sedan owners about $4,600 annually in gas, toll charges and other vehicle costs, according to calculations done by the Chronicle.

The time drivers spend in their vehicle could otherwise be spent earning money at their jobs. When factoring in California’s average hourly wage, drivers commuting from Richmond to SF lose about $11,000 in potential work earnings annually, the Chronicle found.

Drivers commuting from Novato grapple through 28.4 miles of Highway 101 traffic in each direction, pay the Golden Gate Bridge toll and lose about $13,254 in potential work earnings, the Chronicle’s report found.

Obviously the longer the routes, the higher the costs. Drivers in Dublin spend 70 minutes going 34.5 miles each way, costing nearly $15,500 in lost work earnings.

Check out the Chronicle’s report here.


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