Subaru imports more than double at Port of Richmond

Subaru imports more than double at Port of Richmond
The Port of Richmond

The Port of Richmond is expecting a hefty revenue boost as the result of a dramatic increase in imports of Subaru vehicles.

This year, Subaru of America is expected to process more than 80,000 vehicles through the Port of Richmond, according to Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay’s weekly newsletter. That’s 45,000 more vehicles than the company had planned to ship annually when it chose the Port of Richmond in 2011 as its entry point to California and the U.S. Southwest.

Subaru’s five-year contract with the Port of Richmond and Auto Warehousing Company was expected to net the Port $5 million in revenue, but the large increase of vehicle imports has increased that figure to $12 million.

portofrichmond.11-3In 2010, the City of Richmond invested more than $40 million to create a state-of the-art automotive port of entry and distribution terminal. The improvements came after Honda struck a 15-year deal to ship through Port of Richmond.

Auto companies are capitalizing on the fact that a trip to Richmond is about 600 kilometers shorter than the trip to Southern California, city officials have said. Autos are swiftly loaded onto trucks  and trains and hauled across the U.S.

Learn more about the Port of Richmond’s recently renovated auto distribution terminal from this video:


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