Richmond teacher spends tens of thousands on music equipment for students

Richmond teacher spends up to $100,000 on music equipment for students.

A Richmond teacher estimates he has spent between $50,000 and $100,000 on music equipment for his students, according to an inspiring story reported by NBC Bay Area.

Marin County resident Tim Wilson, who teaches music at DeJean Middle School, “purchased in the neighborhood of 80 guitars and amplifiers as well as a similar number of keyboards and drums” along with “music stands and the other equipment necessary to stock a music department,” according to the report.

He made the purchases for his students to avoid dealing with “red tape.”

Wilson played trumpet with San Francisco Opera for two decades, but 11 years ago he was forced to stop for medical reasons. After raising his sons over the next 10 years, he decided to take up teaching.

Wilson worked with a nonprofit, Little Kids Rock, which provided 30 free guitars and training in teaching music, and which also sold him instruments.

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