Whole Foods Market responds to complaint about rabbit meat sales

The Richmond-based House Rabbit Society is calling for a boycott on shopping at Whole Foods Market Inc. over the decision to sell rabbit meat.
Photo courtesy of the House Rabbit Society

Officials at Whole Foods Market Inc. have responded to a complaint about the sales of rabbit meat at the grocer’s Northern California stores.

Rabbit meat has been consumed by humans for a very long time and is having a resurgence in American dining, according to a company statement released on Friday (and posted below). Whole Foods also claimed to work closely with its supplier to ensure high standards for the treatment of rabbits that are bred to be consumed.

The statement was a response to a call for a Whole Foods boycott from Richmond-based House Rabbit Society, which in its own statement called the rabbit “the third most popular companion mammal” after cats and dogs.

Whole Foods also provided a link to this Los Angeles Times article on the recent rabbit meat “renaissance.” Here’s a notable paragraph from the article:

“At a time when buzzwords like ‘organic,’ ‘local” and “sustainable’ are driving the market, rabbit is ripe for resurgence. According to Slow Food USA, rabbit can produce 6 pounds of meat using the same amount of food and water it takes for a cow to produce only 1 pound. Not to mention the health benefits. Rabbit is a lean meat that is higher in protein but lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than many other meats, including chicken, beef and pork.”

Here’s the full statement from Liz Fry of the Whole Foods Global Quality Standards Team.



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