North Richmond: Never fear, the Breathmobile is here


The RV known as the “Breathmobile” (like the one pictured above) will soon pay visits to North Richmond schools and childcare centers to offer healthcare access to children with respiratory illness.

The rolling asthma clinic, which began operating in Oakland in 2009 and later in Richmond, San Pablo and San Francisco, will now start serving the North Richmond community.

Chevron Richmond is providing the majority of the funding for the program’s expansion, with additional contributions coming from Kaiser Permanente and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

The North Richmond expansion is part of The Family Sustainability Project, a clever program that provides both health services to families of children with serious respiratory illness and career training and education for local residents.

The Breathmobile staff works to identify and treat children with moderate to severe respiratory illness and educate families. Families of those children are also connected to the Community Energy Services Corp., which will send experts to their homes to identify ways to eliminate triggers for asthma attacks, such as mold, dust, dirt and rodents.

The Family Sustainability Project will also provide four local residents with training for a career in home remediation, and also offer internships to students or new graduates of medical assistant and registered nurse programs.

The Breathmobile’s goal is to reduce the frequency of hospitalizations for students with respiratory illness, allowing them to perform better in school without interruption.

To learn more about the Breathmobile® and the Family Sustainability Project, click here.

The Family Sustainability Project is a collaborative effort between Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc., which adopts a comprehensive approach to address the cycle of poverty by recognizing how it connects to the physical health of its residents, and Community Energy Services Corp.


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