Interactive mapping tool shows which Richmond areas are vulnerable to rising sea levels

Surging Seas, an interactive online tool, has damning data to share about Richmond, Calif.

Surging Seas, an interactive online tool that examines how predicted sea level rises and coastal flooding could affect U.S. coastal areas, has damning data to share about Richmond, Calif.

We learned this from a story published Wednesday by New America Media, which used the website’s data to look at how Richmond will be affected by an expected sea level rise of three feet by 2100 as the result of climate change. The investigative journalism site also told the story of how community members in Parchester Village fought to the protect their coastline from development and won.

In April, we attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the three-year-long restoration of the 164-acre Breuner Marsh, where we learned that natural buffers are going to be built along the coastline designed to protect Parchester Village from rising seas.

The screenshot below shows that the Richmond coastline could see a sea level rise of just under three feet by 2100. It also shows areas that are vulnerable to a number of possible environmental hazards that can result from surging seas.



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