Urban Remedy, maker of healthy organic snacks and juices, opening Point Richmond facility

Urban Remedy Inc., producer of healthy organic snacks, is moving its headquarters from San Rafael to Point Richmond.
Supermodel Cindy Crawford is a board member for Urban Remedy, a company that is moving to Point Richmond.

Urban Remedy Inc., a company that produces certified-organic, vegan, raw and ready-to-eat meals, snacks and premium juices, is moving its headquarters from San Rafael to Point Richmond, the company told the Richmond Standard on Tuesday.

The start-up, which recently received $5 million in venture funding and signed on supermodel Cindy Crawford as a board member and brand ambassador, will be located in an approximately 20,000 square-foot facility at 208 S Garrard Blvd.

Construction recently started in the facility, which the company plans to use to ramp up its raw food and premium juice production. About 30 employees will work from the building. The need for more space was the reason for the move, as the company continues to expand.

It’s always exciting to hear that a respected and burgeoning company is coming to town. Even better, there’s a good chance that Crawford will  pay a visit or two to the Richmond facility. So if you see the supermodel in town, welcome her!

And, of course, let’s welcome the Urban Remedy team.

Read more about the company and its future plans in this Wall Street Journal article.


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