Pics! Oakland A’s pitcher Sonny Gray stops in at Richmond’s Stege Elementary

We told you Oakland A's pitcher Sonny Gray would be in Richmond Friday, and we now have the photos to prove it.

We told you Oakland A’s pitcher Sonny Gray would be in Richmond Friday, and we now have the pictures to prove it.

Gray, a graduate of the prestigious Vanderbuilt University, showed up at Stege Elementary School at 4949 Cypress Ave. to take part in the “Science of the Game” program, an ongoing partnership between the Oakland A’s, Chevron and Bay Area schools.

sonnygray7With the goal of getting young people interested in science by applying scientific principles to the game of baseball, Gray distributed “Science of the Game” workbooks to fifth graders, talked about his affinity for science and handed out A’s caps along with tickets to the July 3 game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The A’s and Chevron designed and plan to distribute more than 15,000 “Science of the Game” workbooks to Bay Area schools. The workbooks are available online at

sonnygray4The West County Times attended Friday’s event and wrote a great story. At one point, the newspaper reported, Gray told the kids that the most baseballs ever used in a game was 78, and he mentioned that his favorite subject was science.

Another interesting factoid from the article is that A’s Community Relations Manager Detra Paige not only graduated from Stege but lives in the neighborhood.


By all accounts, the event was a total success.




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