Pogo Park sends out ‘mobile voting booth’ to garner Google contest votes


If you see the Pogo Park “mobile voting booth” rolling around Richmond in the coming days, take a moment to cast your vote!

The nonprofit that builds vibrant parks and playgrounds in Richmond’s Iron Triangle neighborhood has been showing incredible determination in its effort to win a $500,000 grant from Google.

Its latest strategy is to send out a mobile unit equipped with laptops and manned by the Pogo Park staff, which is made up entirely of Iron Triangle residents. The reason for the mobile unit is that many Richmond residents lack access to computers, the nonprofit said, and the only way to vote is online.

Google recently selected Pogo Park as a top 10 finalist to receive grant money from the Bay Area Impact Challenge. The finalists are entered into an online voting competition where the top four vote getters win $500,000. The remaining six nonprofits will receive a $250,000 grant.

“From now through June 2, the Pogo Vote Van will visit local schools, the library, homeless shelters, shopping plazas, and other locations throughout Richmond,” the nonprofit said. “Pogo Park’s resident team is working doggedly to ensure that every neighborhood voice is heard during this all-important campaign.”

Also, check out the recent great article that was written about Pogo Park in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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