Richmond police chase down skateboarding vandal

Richmond police chased down a skateboarding vandal on Saturday.

Richmond police officers weren’t about to let a suspected vandal skate by.

A 35-year-old man suspected of damaging at least five street signs and one traffic signal in Richmond on Saturday attempted to flee police on a skateboard, but was caught after rolling just a few yards, police said Monday.

Andrew Mahler, described as a transient, was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and brandishing a metal pipe at a police officer in connection with vandalism in the area of Carlson Boulevard and San Luis Street, police spokesperson Nicole Abetkov said.

The incident occurred at 10:24 a.m., Abetkov said, when police investigating a report of vandalism spotted Mahler clutching a metal pipe and a skateboard.

Mahler attempted to flee on his skateboard as soon as he spotted the two officers. But he got only 20 yards before the officers were able to stop and arrest him, Abetkov said.

No injuries were reported.


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