Big ID theft busts after parole, probation checks

Jonathan Kitchen/Getty images

Unrelated parole and probation checks in Richmond last week led to significant arrests connected to identity theft cases, with one bust uncovering sensitive information that belonged to at least 80 victims from across the U.S.

On Thursday, police said, parolee William Edwards, 35, and Kalita Thomas, who is reportedly in her 30s, were arrested when officers stopped by Edwards’ home in the 2000 block of Coalinga Avenue, near 23rd Street.

During the compliance check, officers found a backpack and purse that were filled with paperwork, according to police Sgt. Nicole Abetkov. The documents included social security information, pay stubs, credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers, Abetkov said. A Richmond police detective began calling the owners of the information and discovered they were victims of theft from across the country.

“One had been the victim of ID theft three years ago,” Abetkov said.

The information had been stolen through mailboxes, post office boxes and on the Internet, she added. The case will involve a lengthy investigation, as police are trying to contact more than 80 victims.

Edwards has quite a rap sheet. Not only is he on parole for vehicle theft with priors, according to police, he also has two pending federal cases with the U.S. Postal Service for mail theft.

It was the first of two major busts last week that resulted from compliance checks.

During a probation search Friday, the West County Times reported today, 35-year-old Eric Nolan and 24-year-old Rikki Raxter were arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property. Items found were linked to the theft of World War II and Civil War memorabilia from a home on Kern Avenue Dec. 5.

Parole and probation compliance checks are done several times each month, Abetkov said. Some not only lead to theft busts, but also firearm seizures, she said.


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