Ambitious bicycle master plan rolling along

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Since Richmond City Council adopted a Bicycle Master Plan in November 2011, 9.1 miles of bikeways have been added to the city streets, adding to the 6.3 miles that had already existed, officials said Tuesday.

Still, Richmond officials have a long way to go in their ambitious plans to construct a 145-mile system of bikeways in the city.

The goal of the Bike Master Plan, which is running in conjunction with a similarly ambitious plan to improve access for pedestrians, is to increase cycling in the city by making the mode of travel safer and more accessible.

A recent study based on data from “Walk Score” and Zip Realty” showed that improving bicycle and pedestrian access increases home values by $3,000, city officials said.

On Tuesday, the Council voted to have city staff apply for Transportation Development Act funds to start work on pedestrian and bicycle improvements on Harbour Way.

Below is a list of Richmond areas slated to see bicycle infrastructure enhancements as part of the master plan.

Harbour Way: Complete bicycle and pedestrian improvements from the Craneway Pavilion to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Carlson Blvd: Complete bicycle lane striping the length of the street, from Broadway/23rd Street to the intersection with I-80.

Cutting Blvd.: Review options and create design for entire street, from San Pablo Ave to Hoffman Blvd.

Nevin Avenue: Finish streetscape improvements between Civic Center and BART station.

Greenway Gap Closure: Design, construct and install signage for onstreet bicycle and pedestrian route aroiund S. 23rd St., railroad tracks, and Carlson Blvd., creating an east-west connection and access from the north and south.

Richmond Greenway: Construct 1/8 mile bicycle and pedestrian spur from Macdonald Ave to the Greenway, behind Target.

16th Street: Design and construct pedestrian improvements and Class III bicycle route on from the BART station to the Richmond Greenway.

Marina Way: Install bicycle lane striping from Ohio Avenue to Wright Avenue.


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