Deals on Wheels: Locals invited to car-buying workshop

Deals on Wheels: Locals invited to car-buying workshop
Photo: San Pablo Economic Development Corp.

Out of all the cars on the market, which one would you choose and why? More importantly, given the true cost of car-ownership, which one could you afford?

Although the Internet is full of useful how-to articles on car shopping, such as cost-saving measures and financing options, nothing quite beats talking to an expert, especially when it’s free. Travis Credit Union, in partnership with San Pablo Economic Development Corporation, is holding an Auto Buying & Financing Workshop on May 21st in the San Pablo Library at 13751 San Pablo Ave. RSVP here.

“I made a terrible mistake when I bought a new car a few years ago, and then leased a new car a week later. The insurance, monthly car payments, and maintenance was a big strain on my wallet,” says Jon W. of Richmond. “Now that I’ve returned the leased car (with a penalty!), I’m interested in getting a used car that I can afford.”