Man fatally shot in Richmond Thursday morning

Man fatally shot in Richmond Thursday morning

A man was fatally shot in the 200 block of S. 15th Street Thursday morning, marking the city’s third homicide since Saturday.

Officers responded to the area about 9:40 a.m. and found the victim at the scene, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said. No suspects are in custody and police are still working to establish a motive.

“We don’t know if it’s related to any of the other shootings,” Tan said.

The incident marks the continuation of a string of gun violence in the past few days that have led to three deaths since Saturday, including two in the Crescent Park area that claimed the lives Javoni Foster, 20, of Antioch and Mark Henderson II, 29, of Richmond. Before Saturday, there hadn’t been a homicide in Richmond in nearly five months.

In addition, violence of the past few days included three teens injured in a shooting near City Hall, and a 20-year-old man critically wounded in a shooting near the Monterey Pines housing complex.

The violence prompted a statement by Richmond Mayor Tom Butt Wednesday in which he said, “We cannot afford to be complacent.”

Tan urged the public to come forward with any information that can help police solve the homicides and reduce the violence. The ongoing police response, according to the mayor’s office, includes investigations by detectives with assistance by foot patrol officers, along with community based efforts by the Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS), Operation Ceasefire, the RYSE Center.

“Supportive rapid response services for the victims are being provided by Ceasefire as well as intervention with individuals who are at risk of becoming a victim or possibly a perpetrator of gun violence,” Butt said. “The RYSE Center also has close ties to many youth and young adults impacted by this violence, and their staff has had a hands-on approach, providing counseling, assisting with neighborhood organizing and representing victims to direct services and resources where they are needed.”



  1. The people that are committing these crimes obviously have no regard for law enforecement, the ceasefire resources or the community. We should not have to live amongst this un-necessary violence. What drastic action needs to be taken to make it stop so the rest of who are not in a gang and do not steal or sell drugs can live in peace? Do we need to ask to bring in the national gaurd? This is crazy and out of control.

  2. That stupid why would you need the national guard. What needs to happen more jobs and educational opportunities. Who do you think these gangs get these weapons and drugs

    • Richmond has tried that, heck we even pay people to not shoot each other, and they still do. Where do you think the money is going?