Richmond artist creates album dedicated to slain sister


A Richmond artist is set to release her new EP on Wednesday, April 4, but the occasion will be more about remembrance than celebration.

Erika Porter, who goes by Young Dedicated Proper (YDP), crafted her new album, “I Am Human,” as a dedication to her sister Rashanda Franklin, who at age 29 was fatally shot in front of her two young children on April 4 last year in a tragic case of domestic violence.

YDP channeled the grief of losing her sister by writing a song for her. Now she has an EP that will be released during a vigil for Franklin on April 4 at 6 p.m. at 153 S. 45th St. in Richmond. A percentage of the proceeds from this and future projects will fund Franklin’s children’s future, YDP said. 

Rashanda Franklin

“The first few drafts of the song evoked different emotions from sadness, happiness, to anger,” she said. “That is when I came up with the idea to make it an EP. When the listener goes through each track I want him/her to experience the emotions an individual can feel while going through the stages of grief and discover a way to still smile through a life altering situation like I did with losing my sister.”

YDP hopes to educate young women and young men to find out “when relationships are unhealthy for one or both individuals and how to deal with those feelings and leave the situation amicably.”

The EP is heavily influenced by Franklin’s children.

“I even put some of them on a few of the songs, which gives it a piece of her also,” she said.