Richmond youth poetry contest winners announced

Richmond youth poetry contest winners announced

Winners of the 8th annual Richmond Writes! Poetry Contest have been announced by the city.

The contest, created by the Richmond Arts & Culture Commission, celebrates National Poetry Month in April by engaging hundreds of students in the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) in the writing of poetry.

Students from 19 elementary, middle, and high schools in Richmond and West County submitted both haiku and short poems. Over 400 poems were submitted for this year’s contest, which was themed “Change.”

An awards ceremony is slated to be held Friday, April 13, at 6 p.m. in Richmond City Council Chambers, 440 Civic Center Plaza. County Supervisor John Gioia will be giving out the awards, which include cash gift cards and certificates for the first, second and third place winners and certificates for Honorable Mentions. All students who submitted poetry will receive a copy of the 2018 Richmond Writes! Poetry Book containing all of the poems.

And the 2018 winners are (listed by judging team):

Team: Silvia Ledezma & Nicole Valentino

Elementary School:

1st Place Poem: “Change” by Mayari Mendo; Washington Elementary

2nd Place Poem: ”Fire and Rain” by Jayden Murcia; Montalvin Elementary

3rd Place Poem: “Funerales” by Angel David Alvarez; Washington Elementary

Honorable Mentions Poem: “Alberto” by Jizelle Velasquez; Washington Elementary Poem: “Old Yosemite” by Alexandria Duff; Washington Elementary

Middle School:

1st Place Poem: “Fire” by Citlali Mendo; Korematsu Middle School

2nd Place Poem: “Changes Haiku” by Christopher Otten; Juan Crespi Middle School

High School:

1st Place: Untitled by Fine Lutu; John F. Kennedy High School

2nd Place “Change” by Faith Reyes; School: John F. Kennedy High School

3rd Place: Untitled by Dayshawn Turner; John F. Kennedy HS High School 

Team: Terri Hinte & Ada Recinos

Elementary School:

1st Place: “The Moon” by Iris Fisher; Kensington Hilltop Elementary

2nd Place: “Running” by Michael Hassner; Kensington Hilltop Elementary

3rd Place: “Untitled” by Lucy Anderson; Kensington Hilltop Elementary

Honorable Mentions: “New” by Torian Bennett; Hanna Ranch Elementary “An Egg” by Damian Piech, Kensington Hilltop Elementary

Team: David Duer & Tatiana Ortiz Elementary School:

1st Place: “Seasons” by Kaylin Martinez; Murphy Elementary

2nd Place: “Sitting Alone” by Alexandra Covey; Mira Vista Elementary

3rd Place: Untitled by Natalia Giddings; Murphy Elementary

Honorable Mentions: “Haiku Poem” by Vaughn Ortiz; Murphy Elementary “Think of Others” by Sumayah Rowaid; Mira Vista Elementary

Team: Tobey Kaplan and Daniel Ari Elementary School:

1st Place: “I AM” by Ana Julia Curcino; Olinda Elementary

2nd Place: “Change” by A’ Million Morgan; Murphy Elementary

3rd Place: “Sunrise” by Anna Sophie Koprek; Olinda Elementary

Honorable Mention “Monopoly” by Jawan Eldridge; Olinda Elementary “Johnny Ruck Got a Duck” by Zander Serrano; Murphy Elementary

Team: Rob Lipton & Steve Early Elementary School:

1st Place: “My Goal” by Aileen Alvarado; Peres Elementary

2nd Place: “My Haiku” by Ximena Santos; Peres Elementary

3rd Place: “Hurtful” by Lucas Wilson: Tara Hills Elementary

Honorable Mentions “Ban”; Andrea Gonzalez; Tara Hills Elementary “The Changes I Need” by Nivia Ventura; Tara Hills Elementary

Middle School:

1st Place: “Beach BBQ” by Aaron Aldana; Sylvester Greenwood Academy

2nd Place: “Close My Eyes” by Sergio Hernandez; Sylvester Greenwood Academy

3rd Place: “Today I Start My Soccer Dream” by Luis Avelar; Greenwood Academy

Honorable Mentions “Injured” by Milan Horta; Pinole Middle School “Life” by Aaron Aldana; Sylvester Greenwood Academy

High School:

1st Place: Untitled by Dalia Horta; Pinole Valley High School [No 2nd, 3rd or Honorable Mentions due to number of poems submitted.]

Haiku Awards from the Haiku Poets of Northern CA selected by Susan Antolin:

1st Place: Untitled by Alissa McQueen; Peres Elementary

2nd Place: “Spring Yields” by Anna Sophia Koprek; Olinda Elementary

3rd Place: “Mommy” by Lilly Hayley Contreras; Mira Vista Elementary

Honorable Mentions (in unranked order) Untitled by Ana Curtis; Murphy Elementary “Sunset” by Geneva Metz; Olinda Elementary “Night to Day” by Kaden Ulrich; Olinda Elementary “Spring!” by Naomi Avila Aguilar; Peres Elementary “Change in Weather” by Vianey Henandez; Mira Vista Elementary “Butterflies” by Tula Zaragoza; Murphy Elementary

Arts & Culture Manager Awards:

1st Place: “My Brush” by Aubree Jimenez; Bayview Elementary

2nd Place: “The Wave” by Cesar Viveros; Bayview Elementary

3rd Place: “My Grandpa” by Melanie Tello; Bayview Elementary

Honorable Mentions: “Don’t Be Mean” by Sage Evans; Bayview Elementary “Mr. Troche” by Cedro Muna; Bayview Elementary