Young residents sought for Richmond Main Street Youth Committee

Photo courtesy of the Richmond Main Street Initiative

The Richmond Main Street Initiative (RMSI) is calling for five more applicants to apply for a position on the Richmond Main Street Youth Committee, a new initiative that has youth taking part in advocating for and helping realize the renewal of downtown Richmond.

Richmond residents between the ages of 15 to 25 are sought to work between April 2018 to November 2018. Perks include a $150 stipend and job skills. Youth committee members will gain leadership, work, and communication skills by attending regular meetings, and work on special projects, planning events, and on shaping Downtown developments, according to RMSI.

To apply, complete and return this one page application. See the flyer below for more information.


  1. Perhaps Richmond could also get them to run a special project for the installation of new and taller precast concrete sound walls along highway 80. Beautify the exists with better lighting, foliage and trees. Remove the blight and graffiti.

    Come on Richmond youth, get imvolved and get the momentum going. These are good opportunities to learn to appreciate beautifying your city.

    Also, where are all those with violations that are to complete comminity service hours? There is so much trash in Richmond, especially on the Cutting Blvd Exit, and it seems no cleaning is ever done.

  2. We’ve been waiting for the renewal of downtown Richmond, or rather what’s left of it, for over 50 years now. Might as well hand it off to yet another generation. I do applaude the effort and wish them well. Perhaps it will happen in their time.
    Unfortunately, I have the sinking feeling that the RPA with their radical rent control measure and general anti-business demeanor have already torpedoed any chance Richmond will benefit from the current business cycle.

    • And that is exactly why the RPA needs to be removed. More people need to broadcast information relating to how they have stunted Richmond. They can argue all they want, but the truth is that Richmond remains circling the drain because of them and more people whould be aware of that.

  3. You said it Richmond Resident. Anyone watching the city council meetings cannot help but to see the incompetence and inexperience of the RPA council members. Mayor Butt has to constantly school them on everything from basic council decorum to why our developer fees are what they are. Their arrogance is stunning. I think most people who vote RPA really are not paying attention to this. They are just knee jerk voting “progressive” without noticing these people are doing more harm than good for Richmond.