Four arrested after home-invasion robberies, police pursuit

Four arrested after home-invasion robberies, police pursuit

Three juveniles and a man suspected in two home-invasion robberies in Richmond on Saturday night were arrested after leading police on a high-speed freeway chase and crashing into a light pole, police said.

The incident unfolded after a home invasion robbery was reported in Richmond’s Carriage Hills neighborhood about 6:40 p.m., police said.

While police were en route, they learned of another home-invasion robbery occurring on Fascination Circle in Richmond. The description of the suspect and getaway vehicles were similar in both incidents, police said.

Soon after, an officer en route spotted a similarly described car and recognized its driver to be a validated gang member from Richmond. As the officer made a U-turn to stop the car, the vehicle drove off, leading police on a 100mph pursuit on Interstate Highway 80 before exiting in Pinole. From there, the suspect vehicle got back on I-80 westbound, again speeding up to over 100mph, police said.

While the officer lost sight of the car on the highway, RPD got a call moments later from a resident reporting a car collision with a light pole at the McBryde Avenue off-ramp. All four occupants fled the car on foot, leading police from Richmond, El Cerrito and San Pablo to coordinate an area seal, police said.

Another resident called to report seeing three of the suspect hiding under a car, but before police arrived to fetch them, they were seen running into a Vietnamese restaurant. That’s where officers took them into custody.

With help from a California Highway Patrol helicopter, which spotted a heat source near the location of the car accident, an RPD K-9 unit was dispatched and, following an extensive search, the police dog Ranger located the last suspect, who was eventually taken into custody and transported to the hospital for his injuries, police said.

A check of the area revealed two loaded firearms. The getaway car was reported stolen car from a carjacking incident three weeks before, police said.

The suspects, ages 14, 15, 17 and 20, were booked for numerous felony crimes and police are investigating whether they are linked to other recent crimes.

RPD thanked the residents and neighboring police agencies that aided in the bust.

“This is a great example of community policing and teamwork that ended a spree of violent incidents,” Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.


  1. Why don’t they prosecute these validated gang members as terrorists? It’s so terrible that our community is constantly being torn down and infiltrated with crime like this.

    Nothing will change until the people demand change. And as the article has said, the law enforement divisions deserve a lot of credit for fighting tirelessly against all the crime in this area.

  2. “Why don’t they prosecute these validated gang members as terrorists”

    Sounds very reasonable to me. Then round up all known gang members and detain them until they can demonstrate a willingness and mental capacity to lead law abiding productive lives. Makes far more sense than what we do now. Reading the news, It seems the overwhelming majority of these criminals are already well known to the police as violent validated gang members who lead lives of crime. In other words terrorists. I also suggest to ban convicted violent offenders and gang members from ever living in Richmond again. Richmond has unfairly born the brunt of housing these types for far too long and at great cost financially and in the suffering of its peaceful and law abiding citizens who have to live among these violent predators.