Richmond ‘2017 Detective of Year’ led Manor Boyz crackdown

Richmond 'Detective of Year' disrupted Manor Boyz gang
Photo: Richmond Police Department.

Richmond police Det. Cliff Calderan, RPD’s gangs expert who is credited with leading an investigation that led to multiple arrests of the Manor Boyz street gang and a subsequent reduction in gun violence in the city, has been named the department’s 2017 Detective of The Year.

Calderan, who began his career at RPD in 2007, was recently honored at the Richmond Elks Lodge No. 1251 after being selected by his peers, according to police.

After spending several years on the streets learning the beats, Calderan became an investigator with the Special Investigations Section (SIS) in 2014 with a focus on gangs.

His investigations into the Manor Boyz, which began amid a series of violent acts by the gang in 2016, drew praise and media attention, including a high-profile press conference in July last year announcing six arrests and 11 firearms seized following a joint crackdown by both RPD and the FBI.

Calderan’s investigation launched in July and September 2016, after a shooting incident and firearm arrests. During that same month, Chrisean Nealy and Jovante Prothro were murdered, police said. Dawaun Rice, an associate of the gang, was implicated in both murders, taken into custody and later indicted for them.

Then in January 2017, Calderan learned that the gang was also involved in several home-invasion robberies in the cities of Oakland and San Jose. The Contra Costa County FBI Safe Street Task Force (SSTF) was summoned to assist in the investigation.

As the investigation was ongoing, the gang’s violent illegal activities continued, with members connected to a shooting in March 2017. In May 2017, more members were found in possession of firearms.

That same month, a victim was shot by a member of the gang during a home-invasion robbery, and Allie Sweitzer, 20, of Discovery Bay, was murdered by a 15-year-old member of the gang.

“At the conclusion of the complex investigation that touched a spectrum of crimes, numerous gang members were arrested and charged, weapons were seized, and the amount of gun violence has since reduced,” according to RPD.

Calderan was also awarded a certificate of achievement and appreciation from the office of County Supervisor John Gioia.


  1. Good work. Now let’s banish these violent predators from ever living in Richmond again for life. Richmond has been the dumping grounds for these criminals for long enough. We deserve to now live in peace. I say violent offenders be banished forever from Richmond so that we have a chance to live in peace and break the cycle of violence.

  2. Good point with respect to Richmond being a constant dumping ground. It is one of the few Bay lined cities with so much opportunity. Has anyone wondered why it has been missed out on many opportunities as the rest of the Bay Area boomed in the past decade?

    Real change is going to require full revamp in leadership. We must realize we have leadership that is used to the status with mundane actions. If you want real change and revitalization of a city, you need to focus your efforts on including new visions with expansive mindsets.

    You may also consider ensuring that there is larger awareness and frustration of the ongoing issues. Otherwise, everyone will simply take it as “status quo”.

  3. Richmond has actually had a lot of development over the years. Entire new communities such as those at Hilltop, Carriage Hills, Brickyard Cove and the Marina immediately come to mind. The downtown has languished largely due to a disastrous redevelopment plan and a concurrent high crime rate that is only now getting under control. As far as leadership we have had our share of good and bad through the years but there has always been many fine people working for the good of Richmond, we just had very much more to overcome than our neighboring cities have had to deal with.
    Today we are in very capable hands with Bill Lindsay and I say that we are quite fortunate to have him as city manager, thank you Phil Batchelor. I will say the same for our mayor Tom Butt. Anyone who cannot see how much more experienced and knowledgeable he is concerning the business of city government than the rest of our city council has their head in the sand. As for the RPA , they mean well but simply lack the experience and knowledge to avoid doing more harm than good. Here is where we need new leadership the most.
    Choose wisely this election.