Food production biz set to hire 200-plus Richmond residents

Photo: FoodService Partners

A food production company set to open in Richmond is not only investing $15 million in improvements in a 102,000 square foot industrial building on Cutting Boulevard, it is investing heavily in the city’s available workforce, having already hired 20 full-time employees from Richmond, according to City Manager Bill Lindsay.

The company, FoodService Partners (FSP) plans to create 225 new full-time union jobs for Richmond residents over the next five years once its Richmond facility is up and running. 

The company is doing so in partnership with the city’s local employment development agencies, which helped FSP win $1.6 million in various state grants that incentivize hiring locally, developing the workforce and improving energy efficiency at facilities.

FSP is a 20-year-old, privately held company that designs, builds and operates high volume central production kitchens for the healthcare industry. The company currently serves 33 hospitals and long-term care facilities in California and Virginia, another 15 in New York City. Its central production kitchen in South San Francisco produces and delivers all of the patient meals for 22 medical centers, nearly 7,000 meals a day, according to Lindsay. 

FSP leased the 102,000 square foot industrial building on Cutting Boulevard last year, and the company has been both invested in improving the facility as well as providing employment opportunities for local residents, Lindsay said.

The 20 Richmond residents currently employed by FSP are being trained in the company’s South San Francisco location. The company hired them through a partnership with RichmondWORKS, the city’s employment development agency.

“They are right now working in South City until they are ready to transfer to what should be a brand new opening facility on Cutting Boulevard,” Lindsay said.