San Pablo AutoZone robbery suspect tricked into arrest

Photo courtesy of the San Pablo Police Department

A suspect connected to several recent El Sobrante robberies as well as the gunpoint heist at the AutoZone in San Pablo on Thursday night was arrested after being tricked by a San Pablo police officer into meeting him with the stolen items, police said.

The Contra Costa sheriff’s office had obtained suspect info with video footage following the El Sobrante robberies, and then on Thursday victims and witnesses at the AutoZone at 14270 San Pablo Ave. were able to give San Pablo police enough information to identify the suspect and his vehicle.

The suspect fled before police arrived, but on Friday, a San Pablo officer came upon a vehicle matching the description and ran the plate, which came back as a wanted vehicle by the Contra Costa sheriff’s office.

Instead of confronting the suspect and risking spooking him, police said, the San Pablo cop located a phone number for the vehicle’s registered owner and asked him if he would meet with him, police said.

“Crazy enough the driver, AKA the suspect, agreed,” police said. “He met with officers while still having stolen property and money in his car. He was then arrested and interviewed by SPPD officers along with CCSO Deputies.”

He was subsequently booked into county jail.

The suspect’s identity was not immediately available.