Fire near Civic Center damages truck, building, tree


By Mike Kinney

No one was injured in a fire near the intersection of Barrett Avenue and Civic Center Street that damaged two units of a four-unit apartment building Tuesday afternoon, along with a parked truck and nearby tree.

Richmond fire responded at 3:47 p.m. with four fire engines, a fire truck and two battalion chiefs at the scene. Near to the building that was burned, a parked 2014 Toyota Tacoma truck was also burned, along with a nearby eucalyptus tree.

A Richmond fire battalion chiefs suspected, preliminarily, that the white 2014 Toyota Tacoma truck may have been vandalized and was being looked at as a possible source of the fire. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


  1. The tree was a Melaleuca. They have a papery bark this is flammable. Thank you to the Richmond Fire Department for their fast action.