Two suspected car burglars nabbed at Pacific East Mall

Two suspected car burglars nabbed at Pacific East Mall
Photo: Richmond Police Department

Two suspected car burglars were recently arrested at Pacific East Mall, as police respond to a “slight spike” in car burglaries in Richmond, police said.

On Saturday, Jan. 24, a security guard called police about two suspicious men hanging around parked cars, prompting the police response. Officers responded quickly to the scene so that they were able to conduct surveillance on the men, who they saw looking into numerous parked cars with flashlights, police said.

When the men got into their car to drive away, the officers stopped them and found them in possession of a window punch tool, flashlights, a passport and other stolen mail and items, police said. The passport found had been stolen from an auto burglary in Southern California.

“We would like to remind everyone to make sure nothing valuable can be seen in your car when you park anywhere,” Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said. “These two suspects were looking for the quick and easy take. Had they seen something they thought was valuable, we are certain they would’ve used the window punch and stolen the items.”


  1. The penalty for these type of crimes should be significantly raised. Continually lowering the penalties for criminal activity has led to this plague of window smashing auto burglaries despite what the extreme left would have you believe.