Caliber: Beta Academy set to move to Tara Hills campus


Caliber: Beta Academy is set to move to a campus in Tara Hills following the California State Allocation Board’s approval last week of $26 million in funds to renovate and expand the site.

The move to 2465 Dolan Way — known as the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) North Campus — ends the search for a permanent home for the charter school with more than 800 students, which has outgrown its current portable classrooms near Kennedy High, at 4301 Berk Ave.

In May 2017, WCCUSD and Caliber Schools agreed upon the move to the North Campus site that formerly housed Kerry Hills Elementary School and is currently used as offices for WCCUSD staff. The agreement followed an unsuccessful attempt in fall 2016 to move the school into the Adams Middle School campus in East Richmond.

Under Prop. 39, school districts are required to supply its charter school students with facilities that are “reasonably equivalent” to those used by non-charter students. The $26 million in funding to prepare the Dolan Way site for Caliber:Beta Academy was approved under Prop 51, which provides low-cost financing for charter schools to construct or rehabilitate facilities.

“The project will begin with an extensive planning period, including the development of a site plan in close collaboration with WCCUSD, active engagement with Caliber’s staff and families, and opportunities for the involvement of neighbors and the local community,” according to a statement by the school. “Final plans will ultimately be reviewed by the Division of State Architects, which is responsible for overseeing publicly funded school construction projects, and project timing will be dependent on many factors including the schedule and amount of future State construction bond issuances.” 


  1. Its a shame these children who are in our district will have to go even further now to North Campus instead of the Adams site that is still sitting empty.

  2. You can thank the RPA and their followers for that. It’s also a shame they have a majority on our city council as well.
    I hope that Richmond voters start looking deeper at who they are voting for and the consequences, rather than simply knee jerk voting “progressive”.