2 arrested in connection with Richmond cop’s injury at sideshow


Juan Vargas, 18, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of a police officer in connection an incident early Sunday when a Richmond cop was struck and injured by a vehicle while trying to break up a sideshow, police said Monday.

Also, 18-year-old Genesis Diaz-Castaneda was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy in connection with the incident, which occurred at Marina Bay Parkway just north of Regatta Boulevard about 1:20 a.m.

Officers responding to the several calls about the sideshow found 40 to 50 cars spinning “donuts” and screeching tires, Richmond police spokesman Lt. Felix Tan said. As officers stopped cars for code violations, a car “accelerated toward one of our officers who was on foot,” Tan said.

“The car struck the officer which caused the officer to slide onto the hood and windshield area,” police said. “The car continued southbound on Marina Bay Parkway leaving the injured officer in the middle of the roadway.”

The officer, an eight-year veteran of the department, suffered broken bones and other serious injuries and is recovering, Tan said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the department’s traffic unit Sgt. Pomeroy at (510) 621-1578.

Bay City News contributed to this report


  1. Throw the book at them and start cracking down on routine traffic enforcement in Richmond. Especially the red light runners. Uphold the speed limits on streets like Barrett, Macdonald, Cutting and Carlson Blvd.
    RPD really needs to send the message that the traffic laws will be obeyed in town or you will be caught and punished. The lax traffic enforcement has led to this unfortunate incident where a police officer may have been killed.

    • Yes, throw book at them. Escalate traffic enforcement which will increase safety and revenues. Ticket for window tint and decibel nuisances too. Time to cleanup this city.

  2. There needs to be more than just fines. We should have a zero tolerance approach to traffic enforcement. Something like a statewide lifetime ban on driving after two or three reckless driving citations. Operating private motor vehicles in the public right of way is an incredible privilege. People who can’t use that privilege without putting the lives of others at risk should lose it permanently.

  3. Take away their licences and make them work with those who have been injured. Putting them in jail just completes the job of making them criminals for the prison industry to make slaves of. Make them work on the officer’s cars. Teach them empathy, and yourselves, too.

  4. They’re just kids. They have little concept of responsibility or the outcomes of their actions. It’s been shown that consistent rational thought doesn’t happen until the late 20’s, so maybe we need to re-think the legal driving age. Personally, I think the driving/voting/drinking ages should all be the same; if they cannot be expected to make good decisions about drinking, then why would we think they could make good decisions about driving or voting?!

  5. Putting them in jail keeps them from harming even more innocent citizens, like the two little girls that were killed by the criminal that ran the red light in Antioch last week. The priority should always be the public safety first, then you can try your hand at teaching them empathy all you like. Too many terrible crimes are committed by those whose criminal records make one wonder why they were allowed to freely walk our streets to begin with.
    My empathy is with the victims of crime first, the perpetrators second.

  6. All these comments and NOT one wishes the Officer a quick recovery! Well I hope the Officer heals quickly and gets back on the job!!

    More enforcement / citations will not solve sideshow problem and will just upset your neighbors!