Richmond police note increase in street robberies, offer safety tips

Man fatally shot in Richmond Saturday afternoon

The Richmond Police Department is warning residents about an increase in street robberies and is offering residents tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

“The thieves appear to be looking for cellular phones, and electronics,” the department posted on social media Monday.

While walking, residents to stick to lighted areas that are populated and to be “extra vigilant walking” to or from BART,” police said. Personal property should not be visible, and don’t walk and text or talk on cellphones or play loud music in your headphones that prevent your ability to be aware of your surroundings, police said.

For businesses, police suggest investing in surveillance equipment, an alarm, to call police when noticing suspicious activity, and to have more than one person open and close. Also, don’t keep large amounts of case on hand or in safes or registers, and post signs that state, “large quantities of cash are not stored on this premises.” Also post signs reminding patrons that they are being filmed.


  1. What is their long term solution to address the robberies? Are there plans for routine under cover cops patrolling and serving as decoys?