KTVU: Richmond boy survives attack by family dog

KTVU: Richmond boy attacked by family dog

KTVU (Ch. 2) shared a startling report tonight about a 4-year-old Richmond boy who was severely attacked by the family dog on Dec. 29 in what the Contra Costa County Animal Services described as a “horrific scene.”

The male Rottweiler attacked the boy as he was playing with his brother under a blanket on the couch in their home in the 5000 block of County View Drive. The dog went under the blanket and bit the child in the head multiple times, the news station reported. The boy’s 17-year-old sister responded by stabbing the dog with scissors in order to save her brother.

The boy was taken to Children’s Hospital in Oakland and is expected to survive, according to KTVU.  The dog was euthanized.

“The family had acquired the [unlicensed] dog several months ago after a neighbor found it and posted a sign to adopt it out,” the news station said.