Charter school’s opening prompts traffic safety proposal


The opening this year of a charter school on Marina Way South in Richmond has prompted the city to call for traffic safety measures at a nearby intersection.

Amethod Public Schools operates both Richmond Charter Academy and new campus John Henry High near the intersection of Marina Way South and Hall Avenue.

The opening of the new campus this year “generated a significant increase in vehicular traffic in the area, which prompted a safety review of the intersection of Marina Way South and Hall Avenue,” according to the city.

Richmond Planning Director Richard Mitchell personally wrote a letter calling to evaluate having stop signs in all four directions.

“The traffic situation at the subject intersection has become very challenging,” Mitchell said, adding the stop signs could be installed on a “temporary/emergency basis in order to reduce the likelihood of a pedestrian-related accident.”

Mitchell said his staff would be “working with the school operators to address this situation ASAP.”

According to city staff, which is set to recommend that City Council approve a four-way stop at Tuesday’s council meeting, existing trees and street lights along a concrete median are partly to blame for reducing drivers’ vision, making it unsafe given the number of students crossing.