Richmond residents targeted by package thieves

Richmond residents targeted by package thieves
Photo: Facebook

Another day, another surveillance image of a thief walking off with a package from a front porch.

Reports of package thefts in Richmond and throughout the Bay Area abound, and we have not yet even reached the peak of the holiday package season.

A Richmond woman said she was just robbed about noon today. She reported the theft in the Facebook group, Everybody’s Richmond. She posted the photo of the suspects (above).

“These men came on to my porch around noon today and walked off with my package,” said the resident, who lives near the intersection of 21st Street and Macdonald Avenue. “This needs to stop package #2 this week. They need to be stopped.”

In that same Facebook group yesterday, another reported theft caught on surveillance video. The victim posted video of a woman taking a package from a residence on 29th Street and Tulare Avenue, along with photos including the one below.

“My kid’s Xmas present was just stolen this afternoon from my front porch…please share and make her face be recognized,” the victim said.

The thefts are happening all over the Bay Area, and holiday shipments are only beginning to pick up.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, post offices nationally are expecting a 10-percent increase in packages the week before Christmas from last year. The San Francisco Network Distribution Center in Richmond is expected to process 213,000 packages on the peak day of the week.

With that in mind, it’s good to be vigilant. Last month, the Richmond Police Department released tips on how to avoid being a victim of package thefts. It follows:

• Ask for a tracking number. Most major shipping companies offer this service at no charge. This number allows you to track your packages and notifies you when they will be delivered.
• Have the packages delivered to your place of business/work.
• Request a “Signature Delivery Option”. This requires a signature when the packages are delivered and ensures they will not be left at the front door.
• Arrange to have your packages held at the shipping service so you can pick them up.
• Ask to have your packages delivered to the retail store so you can pick them up at your convenience.
• Ask a trusted neighbor who may be home throughout the day to pick up the packages that have been dropped off for you.


  1. You can address the package thefts, but won’t they just try to steal other things? It seems like there is a bigger issue here that is not being addressed.