Guns from Richmond buyback event to become art

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A unique gun buyback event set for Richmond Civic Center this Sunday, Dec. 17 will benefit the Robby Poblete Foundation, which aims to melt the guns and re-purpose their metal as material for art.

Th event will take place in the parking lot of 450 Civic Center Plaza from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The firearms must be unloaded and kept in the trunk of your car. Richmond police officers will retrieve them from your trunk.

“This is a great opportunity to exchange firearms for gift cards that can help offset some of the costs during this holiday season,” according to the Richmond Police Department, which added that the event is “anonymous” and that  “no questions will be asked” of those turning in their firearms.

The Robby Poblete Foundation’s The Art of Peace program partners with local law enforcement agencies to use the guns for art that promotes peace.

Artist creations “will be displayed in an annual exhibit called The Art of Peace, and then used to beautify the downtown area and other parts of our communities.

The Foundation was founded after Robby Poblete, who was killed in 2014 by gun violence in Vallejo at just 23  years old. The foundation aims to reduce gun violence and offer vocational training for young adults.