Richmond man dies after being shot in front of Emeryville Target


A Richmond man has died following a shooting in the parking lot of the Target in Emeryville on Dec. 4, police said.

Eondre Bolton, 19, was one of two people who were shot when police say he and another man attempted to steal a large amount of marijuana from Cameron Smith, 22, of Oakland just after 6 p.m. Smith shot the men multiple times.

Smith was arrested and charged Dec. 6, is held without bail and is scheduled to enter a plea on Dec. 18.

Bolton’s death has stunned community members who knew him. Messages of condolences and grief flooded the Facebook post for the Richmond Street Angels, a local advocacy group that was among the first to identify Bolton as a victim and a local resident.


  1. That’s the risk you take if you want to live a life of crime. While no one deserves to die like this I cannot feel too sorry for this guy. It very well could have turned out that he be the one to shoot Smith or even more likely, an innocent bystander. How irresponsible of all of them to do this in a Target parking lot full of women and children simply doing their shopping. They all deserve stiff prison sentences not our pity.

  2. Well since there is not a lot of opportunities for young men of color, he was probably doing what he needs to do to put food in his mouth or maybe a roof over his head. So. Yeah. It’s all illegal and the squeeze just gets tighter everyday for the underdogs. R.I.P. Young man.

    • he was up to no good and it wasn’t about putting food in his mouth it was about thinking he could do something to someone and get away with it… he went there with the intention to rob the young man and it didn’t go as plan, and people that know him act so shocked and want to know why, PLEASE!!!!! YOU ALL KNOW HOW EONDRE WAS SO DON’T ACT SURPRISED!!!

      • It’s different from being hurt then surprised @ Sharon smith u sound like u dat boi cam people u talking like u kno ma Lil cuzzin he was young and it was about eating all we kno is how to get money so he went to get o boi bag mfs talking crazy on here

  3. It’s never about putting food in mouths, you’d have to be completely removed and naive about this crime culture to think that. Food and shelter are distant priorities, after bling and cars and other things that are laughable status symbols to everyone else. I’ve seen this story dozens of times, met the same young man dozens of times. It’s never about subsistence, it’s about bad decisions and bad friends.

    • Agreed @Richmond Citizen, thug culture glorifies this type of behavior too. Where are their (good) role models? Why aren’t their families properly guiding them?

  4. I have seen this countless times as well. It’s never about putting food on the table. It’s about a culture of ignorance and violence that so many people here are in complete denial about and lack the courage to call out. There has always been opportunity here for those seeking it. So many immigrants arriving here with nothing at all have demonstrated that time and time again that its time to put that tired old excuse to rest. The welfare culture did much to promote and subsidize unproductive lives full of violence and dysfunction by removing the responsibility of young men to get out in the world and find a way to make an honest living. Many took the path of least resistance by living off their mothers, grandmothers, or whichever woman they could get to support them and living for free in the large numbers of subsidized housing the city built in the 1960’s. The welfare culture also removed the burden of being responsible for the children they brought into the world as well, which further reinforced the culture of ignorance and dysfunction.
    This is slowly changing with the welfare reforms that happened in the 1990’s as well as with our ongoing social evolution. And I am very glad to see many of the younger generation getting out there in the world working hard and finding their way. There is much to be hopeful about.
    But we need to stop turning the blind eye to the culture that glorifies the gangster, the misogynists, the “player”, and call it out for what it really is, a violent and misogynist culture of ignorance that has no place in our city or society.

    • I recognize you feel strongly that the culture and perpetual violence doesn’t belong in Richmond. What are people doing to demand more from the Mayor and City Council to address this now, as it has gone on for far too long?

  5. I recognize they want justice for this young man, however they can’t overlook the fact that he was shot while committing a crime himself. He attempted to rob a dealer which didn’t quite end as he had planned.

    Can’t agree more with the extreme irresponsibility of carrying out such acts in public places with many many innocent people around. I wonder how the justice system will change in the future to address these crimes.