Alleged illegal dumpers busted after residents call San Pablo police


Alleged illegal dumpers were busted in a quiet San Pablo neighborhood on Friday after residents refused to allow them to dump a truckload of garbage on their street, “like so many other have done before,” police said.

Two suspects showed up in the area of Humboldt and Riverside avenues in a pickup truck. Officers responded after residents called and arrested the driver for possession of a methamphetamine pipe. The passenger was on probation for vehicle theft, police said.

“As it turns out, officers located a large panel truck nearby that was reported stolen out of Oakland,” police said. “Officers found the key to that stolen truck on the driver’s key-ring, along with a pallet jack from the stolen truck in the back of the driver’s pickup.”

The local residents who called police are being hailed as community heroes. A “small business owner was able to put his panel truck back into service to help with his livelihood,” police said.