Richmond Rotary Club’s uplifting holiday auction item


It seems everyone is taking advantage of the legalization of recreational marijuana in California — even members of the charitable Richmond Rotary Club.

The highly active, or perhaps in this case actively high, Richmond Rotarians — known for volunteering their time, expertise and pocket books toward a wide variety of local and international charity projects — are offering a marijuana celebration party as one of their Holiday Auction items.

The auction, set for Dec. 8, raises money for local schools and community organizations. Check this link for all the projects receiving support from the Rotary Club.

Amid a long list of enticing auction items that includes a vacation in South Lake Tahoe, restaurant gift certificates and memberships to the Hilltop YMCA, one offering stands out as particularly uplifting.

Called “Flight 1967, departing from Richmond,” the item invites folks to a “high altitude 1960s party, with appropriate enhancements provided,” to celebrate California’s marijuana legalization.

“Transportation by the Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, and (assuming an uneventful landing) the Grateful Dead,” the auction item reads. “Captain Nick promises the No Smoking sign will not be lit during the journey. In-flight hot meals, plus M&M’s and Snickers.”

The post adds:

“Entertainment supplied by you in the form of a few choice 35mm slides, a picture of yourself in the late 60s, a cherished LP, or a good story from the era. Finally a word on passenger safety: Consider attending with a designated driver or arranging for a Lyft for safe passage to your final destination. Maximum 8.”