Mayor recounts Hotel Mac’s role in ‘Annual Turkey Shoot’

Mayor recounts Hotel Mac's role in 'Annual Turkey Shoot'
Photo credit: Steve Halloway

Organizers of the Point Richmond Annual Turkey Shoot appear compelled to remind people that “no turkeys are harmed during this event.”

Recently, Mayor Tom Butt helped us out with this one in his e-forum newsletter, where he discussed how this unique tradition is conducted, as well as how it started.

The 28th running of the event is set to start at 10 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day at the Richmond Plunge at 1 East Richmond Ave. It includes a parade down Park Place that ends behind the nearby Starbucks. Participants are encouraged to bring musical instruments, friendly pets and cash for a shot and a commemorative shot glass.

During the event, “the traditional Thanksgiving Poem is read with the crowd repeating the last line of each stanza, ‘This is the Annual Turkey Shoot,'” according to Mayor Butt.

After the poem is done, “the crowd exclaims, ‘Gobble, Gobble, Gobble,’ and shots of Wild Turkey are poured for all who wish to imbibe,” the mayor said.

Sparkling cider is offered as well, organizers said.

The event began “one Thanksgiving, long ago,” when Hotel Mac owners Bill and Griff called a halt to dinner service, according to the mayor. In appreciation of their staff’s hard work during the holiday, the owners “invited them to walk the short block to The Spot Bar, where they were all treated to a shot of Wild Turkey,” Butt said.