Richmond couple’s heartwarming wedding makes national news

Richmond couple's heartwarming wedding makes national news
Photo: Facebook.

A Richmond couple made national news following their heartwarming wedding ceremony at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center on Thursday, Nov. 16.

The story about Vieneese and Douglas Stanton was reported in PEOPLE.

The couple had planned to marry next year, but changed their plans after learning Vieneese’s father was diagnosed with acute leukemia in February and given just months to live.

With the help of nurses at UCSF, they were married in a hospital wedding Nov. 16 that totally surprised her father, 64-year-old Preston Rolan, according to PEOPLE. He got to walk her down the aisle.

“He was bragging. He was telling all the nurses, ‘This is my daughter. This is my daughter!’ ” Vieneese tells PEOPLE.

In addition, Vieneese is five months pregnant. After finding out her daughter is a baby girl, Vieneese did a gender reveal in her dad’s hospital room.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt found the story and praised the couple on Facebook.

“Congratulations to all, and our thoughts go out to Preston as he endures his bout with Leukemia,” he said.

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