Video! Richmond police official discusses homicide rate, BART crime


The number of homicides in Richmond in 2017 (through October): 12

The number of homicides this time in 2016: 23

That positive statistic is one of a number of interesting facts shared by a police official and other city representatives at the Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council (RNCC) meeting on Monday, which was recorded on Facebook Live by community advocate Cesar Zepeda, president of the Hilltop District Neighborhood Council.

Other highlights:

– On Richmond BART station security: “[Richmond police] work jointly with BART, so the BART property, the train and the BART center out to the parking lot is BART’s jurisdiction. But obviously because of how important BART is, especially in Central Richmond, if there’s a detail there or robbery, something like that, we’ll go and then we’ll turn it over to BART officers as soon as they get on the scene…It’s difficult for [BART] staffing-wise. They don’t necessarily always have a police officer at the station, they could be coming from another station. So sometimes we’re there before they are. I do know there was a period of time there where we were seeing quite a few robberies on the BART trains and at the stations. That has since gone down. So, you can attribute that to BART’s efforts, as well.

– Richmond has recently had a good impact on dismantling gangs. “As we do that new ones get created. And they are creative. Some of the newer gangs are different races, different sexes and younger kids out of the schools.”