5 marijuana cultivation businesses set to locate at 350 Carlson Blvd.

5 marijuana cultivation businesses set to locate at 350 Carlson Blvd.

Last week, the Richmond Planning Commission approved conditional use permits for five marijuana cultivation businesses planning to operate at 350 Carlson Blvd. in Richmond’s Pullman neighborhood.

The five businesses are set to operate independently within the same property, each in buildings offering more than 26,000 square feet of space, where marijuana will be planted, grown, harvested, cut and dried indoors, city officials said. Each cultivation facility will produce between 10 to 15 jobs — about 50 to 75 in total.

One of several conditions of the permit requires the cultivators to rehabilitate the historic structure where they will operate, which was built in 1910 as a repairs facility for the Pullman Company.

The approved permit came after Richmond City Council lifted a ban on commercial cannabis cultivation and manufacturing operations in the city. The 350 Carlson Blvd. site is also located beyond the legally required “buffer distance” from schools, parks, community centers, youth centers and daycare facilities, city officials said.

The property is set to undergo extensive upgrades, particularly in terms of security, with a 10-foot-high metal fence, security cameras, lighting, a guard’s shed and entry gate. The property will also be landscaped and will have a refurbished parking lot.

Along with city staff and the Planning Commission, the marijuana cultivation facilities received the green light from Pullman Neighborhood Council.

As part of the condition to operate in the neighborhood, the five marijuana cultivation businesses must each spend $5,000 annually — or $25,000 total — on beautification projects in the Pullman neighborhood. The beautification projects will be determined by the neighborhood council.

In addition, representatives of the business agreed to attend three of six annual neighborhood council meetings in order to provide updates to community members.

The five cultivation businesses were named in city documents as Ritz Carlson; TP 350; HIP Carson; Macy East Bay; and Kyle Richmond.