New ‘Galileo Club Way’ signs along 23rd Street

New 'Galileo Club Way' signs along 23rd Street

In case you haven’t noticed yet, new “Galileo Club Way” signs have been installed along South 23rd Street in what is a proud development for Richmond’s oldest existing social club.

The club, which formed in 1932 and located at 371 S 23rd St. about six years later, asked both the city and neighbors whether a four-block stretch near its headquarters could be subnamed “Galileo Club Way.”

The club got the OK from neighbors and unanimous approval from city council and also paid for the signs and associated costs.

The subnaming will not cause any changes to mailing addresses or mapping information, according to the city.

On Saturday, Nov. 18, the club is set to host a celebration for the new signs at 11:30 a.m. with a champagne toast (or Martinelli’s cider) and light snacks.

The Richmond Galileo Club is a charitable organization with a storied past. It remained open during World War II for use as an emergency hospital, for civil defense and first-aid training. On the weekends, the Rosie the Riveters danced on its dance floor during the weekends, former Club President Wayne Guidici noted to council when the topic of the signs came up earlier this year.

Read more about the club’s past and present here.


  1. Nice to see Richmonds Italian heritage acknowledged. Italians were the largest ethnic group in Richmond until WW2 and many businesses in town were owned by Italian families. Zarri’s Delicatessen on Solano Ave in Albany, although no longer owned by the Zarri family, originally was in downtown Richmond at 1428 MacDonald Ave for many years near other popular Italian businesses of the time like Travalini furniture and Traverso Brothers liquors and shoe shop. Last I knew the shoe shop at San Pablo Ave & Solano in Richmond was still owned by the Traverso family.
    It would be nice if the Italian heritage at Winehaven be acknowledged as well one day if they can ever resolve the unending legal issues with that wonderful property.