DNA test connects Richmond man to 2005 sexual assault

DNA test connects Richmond man to 2005 sexual assault

A Richmond man currently jailed on sexual assault charges is facing even more charges after DNA evidence connected him to a violent sexual assault that occurred during a home invasion robbery in El Cerrito in 2005, according to El Cerrito police.

Using an advanced new DNA test, Keith Asberry, 33, was connected to the crime that victimized two roommates in the 1400 block of Liberty Street on Feb 14, 2015.

Asberry was already in custody in Alameda County for separate sexual assault charges and is being held in Santa Rita Jail without bail.

During the 2015 crime, police said, Asberry was wearing a mask and dark clothing and armed with a gun when he knocked on the door to a home, then threatened one of two female roommates in order to force his way in.

He demanded their money and jewelry and walked them to different rooms of the house. The suspect then sexually assaulted one of the two females, police said.

After the assault, he forced the victims from their apartment at gunpoint, demanded a key to their car and told them to get in it. After they refused numerous orders to get into the car, he realized they were not going to allow themselves to be kidnapped, and he then drove off in the victim’s vehicle. The victims then had a neighbor call police.

“This sexual assault case was one that weighed heavily on many officers who were working here when it happened,” police said. “This violent home invasion sexual assault was investigated fully in 2005 but remained unsolved.”

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