The Shops at Hilltop plans to replace, enhance security system

The Shops at Hilltop plans to replace, enhance security system
Photo: The Shops at Hilltop

As part of a fast-tracked plan to rehabilitate Hilltop Mall, the property’s new owners is set to install a state of the art, 128-camera security system in order to address rampant crimes in the area and attract more foot traffic to the shopping center, according to a report in KTVU (Ch. 2).

As we’ve reported in the past, the financially struggling Hilltop Mall was recently purchased for redevelopment by LBG Real Estate Company, which in the short-term (within 18 months) plans to give the property an interior and exterior makeover. Planned amenities include a new movie theater, live theater, grocery store and dozens of restaurants, according to KTVU. In the longterm, the new owners hope to launch a development with mixed uses including retail, housing, office space, and a hotel.

“We’re starting an aggressive improvement program in the next 30 days at the property starting with the parking lots and working our way in,” managing partner Doug Beiswenger told KTVU.

In order to attract shoppers, public safety around the mall needs to be addressed. The mall property has seen 35 car break ins in five months — six this month alone, according to the KTVU report.

“We’re going to be replacing the security infrastructure system at that mall with a state of the art 128 camera system,” Beiswenger told KTVU.


  1. Oh no! Gentrification! What will the poor car thieves and shoplifters do for a living now? (Just thought I’d get a head start on the whiners and naysayers. I actually think this is excellent news)

  2. Im happy to see more information about the project is being released. It’s really nice to see that there will be restaurants! I hope it’s more than just fast food. This is such a great central space and people will flock there given the right type of planning. Way to go LBG Real Estate! The cameras are a perfect start to bring the people back!