Richmond police investigating Espee Ave. illegal dumping incident

An illegal dumping incident in Richmond that was caught on camera is under police investigation after the image was shared on social media.

The photo of an apparent moving services company truck parked in front of a large heap of junk on Espee Avenue sparked protests from residents who have become fed up with illegal dumping in Richmond.

This particular incident occurred in front of the brand new mural at the Burnt Ramen building at 111 Espee Ave., according to a comment in the Facebook social group, Everybody’s Richmond. Espee Avenue runs parallel to the BART tracks and is known as a hot spot for illegal dumping.

Members of the Facebook group identified the truck as possibly owned by a Richmond-based hauling/moving services company.

A complaint about the illegal dumping incident has already been addressed by the Richmond Police Department’s code enforcement unit, police spokesman Lt. Felix Tan said Wednesday.

“They are going forward with the investigation,” Tan said, adding the illegal dumpers face steep fines.