NIAD’s newest exhibits as provocative as ever


By Zach Chouteau

For our newest take on the ‘Rich Life’ we dropped by the NIAD Art Center on 23rd Street for a look at their freshest art displays.

We once again came away from one of Richmond’s most vital venues impressed and creatively invigorated—and truly encourage anyone who has overlooked NIAD to pay a visit.

Their newest exhibits, on view now through October 27, are highlighted by ‘Language of Line’—showing off the work of eight different artists, with mediums ranging from collage and paper Mache to found objects and recycled materials.

‘Painting And How It Got That Way: Michael Macfeat’ uniquely blends minimalist color schemes with old newspaper clippings. And also newly unveiled at NIAD are works by Peter Harris and Eddie Braught, abstract works and paintings intertwined with written passages, respectively. Their contrasting styles actually complement each other perfectly.

For those unfamiliar with NIAD, the center hosts frequently changing exhibits, is home to a charming gift shop with amazing art and crafts, and has a large working studio area as well facilitating nearly every artistic medium imaginable. The artsy enclave is completely dedicated to promoting independent living for artists with developmental disabilities.

You can find out more at their website,

Zach Chouteau is a longtime travel writer and editor, and currently blogs about group and family getaways at Pineapple Go.