Richmond vacant property blaze damages neighboring homes

Richmond vacant property blaze damages neighboring homes

Neighbors were traumatized this week by a raging fire at an abandoned house in Richmond on Thursday that spread to neighboring homes, damaging them to the point that they had to be red-tagged.

The photo above, snapped by neighbor Marco Villanueva, captured the scene of the blaze that took place about 7 p.m. on Fourth Street near Pennsylvania Avenue, according to Elóra Henderson, who lives next door to the fire scene and whose home was damaged.

Both homes neighboring the vacant home where the fire started “are uninhabitable,” Henderson said, and about six or seven people have been displaced.

Henderson said her neighbor’s house suffered the most severe damage, with their full roof collapsing.

“Ours only had a partial [collapse], and the firefighters were able to stop the fire before the majority of the structure was reached,” she said. “While I’ve been allowed to go inside my home to see the damages, [my neighbors’ have not] been allowed to enter because of the roof situation.”

And now neighbors are worried about troublemakers entering their damaged, easily accessible homes.

Meanwhile, the abandoned home where the fire began turned to ashes, Henderson said.

“That house was abandoned as a result of fire damages years ago, and the city failed to secure it from anyone who might make trouble,” she said.

Henderson said the vacant property wasn’t secured “in spite of multiple complaints from neighbors over the years.”

Both the Richmond and El Cerrito fire departments remained at the scene until about 1 a.m. Residents in the area lost power as a result of the blaze.

It was unclear whether anyone was injured as a result of the fire. A cause was not immediately known. We have a request for more information into the Richmond Fire Department.