Richmond police convince suicidal man to drop knife


An armed, suicidal man in an Iron Triangle home took to Facebook Live during his moment of heightened distress last week — but two Richmond police officers managed to convince him to drop a knife, police said.

The incident unfolded Wednesday, Sept. 20 about 11:30 p.m. when police responded to the Richmond neighborhood and learned the man had locked himself inside and had a knife, bottles of prescription medications and a jug of alcoholic beverage, according to Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan.

Thankfully, the responding officers were Jeremy Odegaard and Mitch Peixoto — the latter a three-time officer-of-the-year recipient who, back in 2012, helped save a woman held captive as a sex slave for 14 years.

Trained in crisis negotiations, officers Peixoto and Odegaard “built a rapport with the distraught male, listened to him with empathetic ears and patience,” Tan said.

During the ordeal, officers were able to peek through windows and a security door to see him. The man “even posted on Facebook Live while he tried to end his life,” Tan said.

The man eventually dropped the knife and, with help from a key provided by members of his family, officers entered and detained him. Police then had an ambulance take him to the hospital due to the medications and alcoholic beverages he had ingested, and for his mental health issues, Tan said.

RPD is “proud of the teamwork effort and patience the officers displayed,” Tan said.

For those in crisis or for those who know someone in crisis and need advice, call this 24 hour crisis line for professional assistance: 1-800-833-2900.


  1. Excellent work officers! In many jurisdictions this type of scenario can end with the distressed person being shot due to lack of police training. It’s good for the public to hear about these cases that end well and not just the ones that do not.